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    Certain management consulting and training institutions, provide technical support by American PROPYET international consulting group, is a management consulting company strategy, corporate culture, business process reengineering, market research, marketing, human resource management, the company merger integration, financial management and other aspects, and professional services personnel training effectiveness, application type, high levels of services as the main content, is famous for his creativity.

    XX predecessor was founded in 1997, mainly to provide management consulting services for the enterprises and organizations; the merger and reorganization in 2002, become the independent legal institutions, has set up a city XYZ Management Consulting Co., Ltd., XX XX occupation training school, made "the people's Republic of China school license", at the same time to carry out the business training and certification management consultation, work; early in 2004 set up the national occupation manager qualification of a provincial training center; by the end of 2005 to accept international Certification Association (IPCA) Chinese headquarters authorization for international certification management center of a province.

    As a certain America PROPYET International Consulting Group (PROPYET, intended for the missionaries, who spread having foresight, advanced idea of Italy) Chinese partners, realize the organic combination of localization and internationalization vision, committed to help enterprises to improve the management level, promote the process of occupation managers, let beginner running, make the runner off.

    So set up a committee of experts, the State Council inspectors Commissioner, China Manager Qualification Certification Review Committee Director Secretary Li Liang as the chairman of the committee, the authority of experts 9 members; with a PhD senior management consultant 12, is senior consultant of MBA or other properties of the master's degree 35, occupation training lecturer 76, and by the famous university experts and professors, the authority of scientific research institutions, experts and scholars of actual combat management consultants and well-known enterprises served as a part-time consultant senior management staff of more than 200.

    So in early 2005 in a certain province took the lead in developing the national occupation manager qualification training, the drafting of the occupation managers a certain province occupation standard "(Trial)", the first occupation manager for the national certification training system in a certain province, is still a certain province only a substantial authority to carry out the national occupation manager certification training, and set up a province (XX) occupation manager club. Foreign minister Li Liang made a special trip to visit Hubei province occupation managers first training course study, gladly for certain handwritten inscription: "occupation manager home"!

    So as one of the central China area most credible and the most influential management consulting and training institutions, is XX Province Public Relations Association director unit, a Provincial Human Resource Association member units, a provincial Marketing Association member units, China nutrition society, XX Province branch member units, many top brand management consulting and training institutions show popularity ranking the top brand management consulting and training institutions, won the "best quality award", "a city is recognized as the most influential management consulting and training institutions".